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Statement on protecting your mental health

Looking for a guide to mental health and wellbeing that is specific to the IP community? Well, here it is.

Protecting your mental health and wellbeing: A guide for patent and trademark professionals has been produced by Jonathan’s Voice in collaboration with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. No waffle, written by experts in the area of mental health, evidence-based and informed by the needs and views of IP professionals. It’s accessible, relevant and includes quotations from IP professionals with which many will identify. The free 24-page guide covers:

  • Recognising the early signs of stress and related conditions
  • Identifying the main causes of workplace stress
  • Advice on keeping well and maintaining positive mental health
  • What to do if you’re struggling
  • How to help others
  • Useful resources and where to find help

Andrea Brewster, Lead Executive Officer, IP Inclusive, writes in the foreword:

“I hope this booklet becomes a standard text for everyone in the patent and trade mark professions, not only to help them look after themselves, but also to guide them as they look after one another.”

The response from readers of the guide has been very positive; “a really excellent resource”, “a brilliant resource for all IP professionals – and lawyers generally”, “really enjoyed reading it and it is going to be an invaluable resource for everyone in the profession”, to quote but a few.

If you’ve already read the guide, could you make it available digitally within your organisation, arrange a “lunch and learn” event (virtual or otherwise) to talk about it and do watch out for details about an upcoming webinar.

If you’ve not yet seen the guide, you can download it here where you can also order free print copies or email [email protected].

Val McCartney, Co-founder of Jonathan’s Voice

Date published: 5 October 2020

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