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Women in IP case study

Mirjana Prokic – Founder & CEO of hangAIR Global

Having endured years of international travel in high-pressure global roles, Mirjana Prokic knew what severe sleep deprivation, back pain and burnout felt like. The physical and mental impact of a life on the go left her desperately searching for solutions other than medication. This began her quest to invent a non-invasive medical device for delivering optimal rest and recuperation for athletes, soldiers, front line workers and other individuals suffering from sleep and respiratory disorders or burn-out suitable for use at home, at the office, in hospital or in a sports club. Mirjana and her company, hangAIR Global, have developed custom hardware that holds and rocks a person in a tripod/forward position, combined with binaural audio and visual stimulants, which is supported by proprietary software for recommending new methods for prevention, treatment and recovery from burnout.  Her product is covered by a granted patent in the UK, and patent applications are also pending in the US and Canada.

Mirjana and hangAIR Global were the finalist in the Health and Wellbeing Business of the Year category at the West London Business awards in 2023, and have been featured in London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Business Matters Magazine.

Mirjana said:

Women can approach problems and interact differently, starting from inclusive and nurturing approach, taking many different angles and perspectives into consideration. Most of women are driven by maternal instinct and high ethical standards, making sure that their business or invention, is looked after with care which typically leads to successful and sustainable businesses and higher ROI.

Date Published: 26 April 2023

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