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New measures to improve Diversity and Inclusion

The Institute was delighted to be involved in IP Inclusive’s recent roundtable event addressing BAME representation in the IP professions.

CIPA Council takes its responsibilities towards diversity and inclusion seriously and considered the outcomes of the round table in a Council session led by Andrea Brewster, Lead Executive Officer of IP Inclusive. Council decided that it could do more to address diversity and inclusion in the patent attorney profession by establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

In addition, Council decided that it would like to measure future success and that this would be best achieved through gathering comprehensive data on the diversity of CIPA’s membership. Council also agreed to develop a mentoring and sponsorship programme for BAME members working in the patent attorney and IP paralegal professions.

CIPA President, Richard Mair, said:

CIPA has come a long way in a short time, thanks to the work of IP Inclusive, the many CIPA members who actively support diversity and inclusion initiatives, and the CIPA staff who ensure CIPA is an inclusive membership association.

But there is more we can do and I am pleased that CIPA Council has signalled that it is prepared to locate this important area of work within the governance of CIPA, through the establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and to lead the way in gathering data and supporting BAME professionals.

Date published: 29 October 2020

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