Tuesday 20 February

IP needs Psychology: a Behavioural Lens for IP Management

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Start: Tuesday 20 February 2024, 12:30 PM

End: Tuesday 20 February 2024, 01:30 PM

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We will cover what behavioural design is, and how it is used as a lens to improve translation of intent into action, specifically when engaging with a client (whether it is in-house colleagues, customers, inventors, creators, etc).

Marios will be sharing his experience in using behavioural science to increase engagement, motivation, and clarity in IP education. The more you can get into the other person’s point of view, the better you become at connecting with them and creating a productive exchange with the client.

A behavioural mindset for IP Management means:

– approaching from the client side,

– mapping out individual behaviours,

– identifying frictions and points for nudging,

– And using behavioural frameworks.

You have the expertise in IP, but how much of that do you actually need the other side to know? And to the degree they do need to know, how do you do this properly for the most productive outcome? These are the questions we’ll be looking at in this session.


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Marios Georgiou

Marios Georgiou

Marios Georgiou is an IP professional with 10 years experience in industry, who is training as a psychologist (DPsych, City University of London). Marios’ scientific training is in molecular biology, and his postgraduate education is in IP and, more recently, psychology. Recent positions included IP Manager at BenevolentAI, Head of IP at Ivy Farm Technologies, and Head of Knowledge Management at Intanify.
Marios’ aim is to promote person-centred design into companies including their innovation and IP practices. The goal is to create processes that are designed for the individuals they are made for in mind. Things that look good on the page and in principle don’t always translate to action, which is where psychology comes in. Marios’ aim is to create engagement both in-house and private practice. After founding Depth at Work, he now supports companies through workshops, trainings, and bespoke interventions for longer-term change.

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IP needs Psychology: a Behavioural Lens for IP Management

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