Tuesday 16 May

Semiconductors: how the industry has changed and implications for IP strategies

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Start: Tuesday 16 May 2023, 12:30 PM

End: Tuesday 16 May 2023, 01:30 PM

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Global chip shortages have pushed semiconductors firmly into the public eye. During the Covid-19 pandemic we saw a surge in demand for semiconductors. This increase in demand combined with the disruption caused by the pandemic demonstrated the fragility of semiconductor supply chains. This has led many governments to offer significant funding and other incentives to companies in the sector to improve domestic supply chain resilience. In addition, China and the US are clashing over semiconductor technology, with the US implementing various restrictions on the export of key technologies.

What does all this mean for IP? In this webinar we’ll take a closer look at the semiconductor sector and the issues that have arisen since the start of the pandemic. We’ll examine how IP is used to protect semiconductors and some of the key challenges that exist. We’ll look at how IP strategies need to adapt in the face of a changing industry. Finally, we’ll examine some of the trends emerging in patent filings and litigation in the sector.



Andrew Thompson, EIP

Andrew Thompson, EIP

Andrew is a patent attorney and partner at EIP where he specialises in the semiconductor industry. He has experience coordinating patent drafting and filing programs for semiconductor projects involving international inventor teams. He has worked with teams in various semiconductor technologies, including mixed-signal processing, transistor design, sensors and semiconductor packaging. Andrew also supports his clients with due diligence, patent landscaping and freedom-to-operate advice for new products and acquisitions.

Andrew also advises his clients on semiconductor IP strategies. He has an in-depth knowledge of the sector, including current IP and business trends. He is experienced in government policy on semiconductors, including government incentives like the EU CHIPS Act.

Victoria Yeomans, IQE

Victoria Yeomans, IQE

Victoria is Head of IP at IQE plc, the foremost compound semiconductor manufacturer in the UK. IQE began manufacturing compound semiconductor materials in Cardiff in 1988 and now has operations across the UK, US and Taiwan which supply to the global semiconductor industry. Victoria has been a patent attorney for over 15 years, at IQE since 2021 and before that at Rolls-Royce. She is responsible for IQE’s IP strategy covering innovation capture, filing, risk management and litigation. She also inputs on partnership and collaboration agreements to ensure IQE realises the IP value in its contracts and technology partnerships.

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Semiconductors: how the industry has changed and implications for IP strategies

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