Monday 6 April

Successfully Establishing Freedom to Operate

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Start: Monday 6 April 2020, 12:30 PM

End: Monday 6 April 2020, 01:30 PM

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Establishing  freedom to operate is as, if not more, important for commercialisation than obtaining patent protection. As a patent attorney, knowing when and how to advise the client on searching and what to look for in the evaluation is key; dealing with any threats identified may be the difference between success and failure regardless of  how well protected the technology is.


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Nicola Baker-Munton, Stratagem IP

Nicola Baker-Munton, Stratagem IP

Nicola Baker-Munton is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stratagem IPM. She is a Chartered UK Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney with a joint honours degree in biology and biochemistry. During her nine years as an industrial practitioner at the Wellcome Foundation Limited, and four years in the private sector, Nicola recognised the need for much greater assistance with management of intellectual property earlier in the development of technologies, and advice and assistance with commercialisation throughout the technology/product life-cycle.

Nicola founded Stratagem IPM in 1999. With steady growth it has become the leading specialist company providing active strategic management of intellectual property portfolios from inception through development to market, and from academia through startup to stock market listing.

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Successfully Establishing Freedom to Operate

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