CIPA Objectives

in 2021

We are the professional and examining body for patent attorneys in the United Kingdom.

Founded by Royal Charter, CIPA’s objectives are:

  • to act as a professional and representative body for Intellectual Property Practitioners in patents, designs, trade marks and other forms of intellectual property; and
  • to promote the education, standing, training and continuing professional expertise of Intellectual Property Practitioners and to establish, maintain and enforce high standards of professional conduct and compliance with the law.

We pursue these objectives by:

  • Promoting the protected title of Chartered Patent Attorney (CPA) in the UK and internationally, and highlighting the importance of using qualified and regulated Intellectual Property Practitioners to obtain and protect intellectual property rights;
  • Acting as a centre of excellence for the curation, development and dissemination of knowledge in intellectual property law and practice;
  • Advising and influencing the UK Government and international bodies on intellectual property policy and practice;
  • Maintaining the highest standards of professional practice and, as the Approved Regulator, overseeing the regulation of the profession by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg), the independent regulatory body for patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys;
  • Providing career-long education and training, supporting students during their professional formation and providing continuing professional development for Intellectual Property Practitioners;
  • Raising public awareness of intellectual property and how to protect it, and increasing public knowledge of the intellectual property system through explanatory videos, case studies, podcasts and other resources; and
  • Providing pro bono information, advice and representation to the public.

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