The way members were charged for webinars underwent a drastic (and popular) change in 2021. All members were able to participate in the open-access webinar programme without having to pay for individual webinars with overall costs being absorbed within the annual cost of membership subscriptions. This resulted in a 108% increase of attendance to CIPA webinars for the year.

The recordings for all CIPA webinars can be located on the events section of the CIPA website. Simply log in to the website, select your past webinar and view the recording.

CIPA was able to deliver 60 webinars targeted at all membership groups covering a wide range of topics. We continue to work alongside essential focus groups (the Professional Development Working Group and the Education Committee) to ensure that we are constantly reviewing the programme delivered to members. If you have any suggestions for interesting topics or speakers, please contact us on [email protected]

The large amount of webinar content resulted in CIPA being about to continue to provide informative and essential information to its membership during the pandemic. However, we look forward to being able to incorporate the in-person CPD events alongside the webinar programme soon.

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