Introductory Patent

Paralegal Course

The Introductory Patent Paralegal Course (IPPC, previously known as IPAC), was run virtually for the first time in CIPA history in 2021. With the launch of the new CIPA website in June, we implemented the new online application form for the course and had over 200 applications: the highest ever recorded.

We implemented an online classroom called Blackboard Collaborate which worked very well, and we had several volunteer facilitators who assisted with group exercises and answered queries, which was invaluable to us. As you can imagine, there were some teething problems with converting the historically physical course to a completely virtual one for the first time, but we are already working very hard to act on the feedback provided by the attendees and we hope the course will be better than ever for 2022.

The much-anticipated Advanced Patent Paralegal Course (APPC, previously known as APAC) also made steady progress. A huge amount of work went into this from our working group, and we are pleased with how the course has been developing. The GB module now has a completed first draft, with webinars and activities being rigorously tested by the working group. Upon completion, this will go out to the chosen trial group for the second round of testing. The remaining core modules are currently being finalised and the Patent Examination Board (PEB) are discussing how the course will be assessed.

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