Following its formation in 2022, the European Liaison Committee (ELC) continued its objectives of developing and implementing CIPA’s strategy and policies in Europe, whilst continuing to develop relationships with other European associations.

The European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC) will be required for all European Patent Attorneys seeking to be registered as a representative at the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Members of the ELC have assisted in developing a course, to be delivered by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) from its institute in Paris, to allow UK patent attorneys to qualify in Europe. By the end of the year the outline of the modules had been written, lead tutors appointed and the application formally proposed to the UPC Administrative Committee.

Members of the committee met with representatives from the French Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys Institute (CNCPI) in April. This was an introductory meeting held with colleagues from the Chartered Institute for Trade Mark Attorneys for delegates to understand the role each institute plays, with discussions to share education resources, an agreed stance on ViCo, and the intention to develop a continued partnership.

There was also a meeting with the Swiss institute in January, including both the Association of Swiss and European Patent Attorneys in Private Practice (VESPA) and the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI). It has been acknowledged that the UK and Swiss patent attorneys are facing similar challenges in Europe, particularly regarding the content management system for non-UPC states. During the meeting it was decided that the Swiss would reach out to contacts in Norway and CIPA to Turkey with a view to forming a non-EU EPO member coalition.

Our members also attended conferences held by the European Association of National Intellectual Property Associations (ANIPA) in Bordeaux in June and Poland in November. There were discussions on the European Patent Institute’s perspective of the EPO, digital transformation, proposals for fee changes and the current implementation of the Unitary Patent and UPC.



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