Introductory and advanced

IP Paralegal courses

Introductory Patent Paralegal Course (IPPC)

Registration for the IPPC opened on 23 June and was closed five days later, after reaching its capacity of 150.

Due to unmet demand for places, the Paralegal Committee agreed to re-open registration on 1 August, enabling a further 49 candidates to register. 185 candidates completed the course.

The IPPC started with an introductory webinar for mentors followed by the release of materials for the first unit. The course was held online with webinars, activities and supporting documents all available on student and mentor hubs.

As the year closed, candidates were preparing for their examinations on 26 January 2023 and we were looking forward to welcoming successful candidates to membership.

Advanced Patent Paralegal Course (APPC)

The long-awaited Advanced Patent Paralegal Course was due to commence testing in January 2023 with a group of volunteers (APPC Students) having been selected to complete one module (GB Unit) on the course in order to provide feedback.



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