Wednesday 22 July

PEB Qualifying Exams 2020

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Start: Wednesday 22 July 2020, 04:00 PM

End: Wednesday 22 July 2020, 05:00 PM

Event Overview

CIPA is pleased to organise a joint webinar with the PEB for trainees and mentors ahead of the new exams in October 2020.

We are very pleased that the PEB has been able to respond to the desire of the profession that the exams should go ahead this year in an on-line environment. The last minute cancellation of the EQEs caused enormous distress, even though we can see with hindsight that they could not have gone ahead at the scheduled time. The PEB knows how important it was to the profession for the UK exams to go ahead and that support for a new system would be forthcoming from the profession.

This form of exams is new for the PEB, as well as us, and there will be learning for all. In comparison to the usual tried and tested in person exams, it is possible that things may not go to plan for everyone, but there has to be a balance between getting the exams on this Autumn, even if there are issues, as opposed to having no exams until it can all be done perfectly. All candidates have a choice as to whether to enrol for this first time on-line exam or wait until the system has been tried and tested.

This will be an opportunity to hear from a member of the PEB as to the work which has been done to get here, in such a short space of time, and to hear about the work which is yet to be done. There may be no answers to all your questions yet, but this is an opportunity to put some questions which need answering pre-registration to the PEB and to discuss what other answers might be helpful to have before the exams are held in October.


Fellows, Students


Julia Gwilt, Appleyard Lees

Julia Gwilt, Appleyard Lees

Julia Gwilt is a partner at Appleyard Lees and specialises in software inventions.

She has had a passion for training for over 15 years.  As one of the patent attorney members who established the Patent Examination Board (PEB), she oversaw the UK professional examinations for over six years until her term ended in 2020.  She is now chair of the epi Profession Education Committee which oversees training and other aspects of the EQE for trainee European patent attorneys.  Several members of the PEC have been heavily involved in the proposal for a new digital EQE.

Parminder Lally, Appleyard Lees

Parminder Lally, Appleyard Lees

Parminder is a UK and European patent attorney and a Partner at Appleyard Lees. She joined the patent profession in 2011 and specialises in drafting and prosecuting patent applications for computer-implemented inventions, including AI.

Parminder is currently a member of CIPA Council, the Chair of CIPA’s Education Committee (EdCom) and on CIPA’s Computer Technology Committee. Parminder is particularly passionate about ensuring student members have access to training and learning opportunities, and support, wherever they work or are based. In her spare time, she writes her brAIn blog and tries to grow her own veg

Mike Williams, Marks & Clerk

Mike Williams, Marks & Clerk

Mike Williams is a patent attorney member of the PEB Governance Board. He is a partner at Marks & Clerk and oversees Marks & Clerk’s Training Academy.

Carolyn Palmer, Schlich

Carolyn Palmer, Schlich

Carolyn Palmer is Honorary Secretary of the Informals. Carolyn is a part qualified UK and European patent attorney at Schlich. Carolyn primarily works for Biotech clients and focusses on patent prosecution and opposition matters.

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PEB Qualifying Exams 2020

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