CIPA Journal

in 2021

In 2021, the Journal continued to provide commentary on law and practice to help keep members on top of what is happening in the intellectual property world. As well as updates on case law and legislation, the Journal also covered subjects such as religion and mental health at work.

The major change to the Journal in 2021 related to how it is delivered. Issues are now available online to CIPA members as part of the new Journal section on the website. PDF versions are also available to download, and members can still opt to have the paper version delivered if they prefer. With hybrid working more common in the wake of the pandemic, members can also decide to have their Journals delivered to home instead of work. Please email [email protected] for any help with receiving your Journal.

We are grateful to all the volunteers that give their valuable time and insights. In particular, the teams at Beck Greener, for their monthly updates on important decisions from the UK courts, and Bristows, for covering decisions from the EPO (as well as its extensive annual review of patent cases), as well as David Pearce and Callum Docherty for news on decisions from the IPO. We would also thank the team at Carpmaels & Ransford its annual reviews of SPCs.

At the end of 2021, Alasdair Poore completed a seven-year spell as editor for the Journal as he returned for a second term as CIPA President in 2022. Jeremy Holmes stepped up as the new editor and he is supported by a new editorial board that includes Alasdair as well as Paul Cole, Paul Commander and Lauren Palmer. If you want to contribute to the Journal or have any feedback, please contact any of the editorial team directly or email [email protected].

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